Replacement Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS battery-5200mAh-6cell

Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 4400 mAh
 Voltage: 10.8V 
Size: mm
RunTime: 3.5h'
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Note: Best replacement for the original battery. Full 1 year warranty! 30 days money back! Fast ship to the whole Europe

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This 4400mAh Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS rechargeable battery is a replacement for the original Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS laptop computer batteries.Our Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS Battery, made with the finest cells, are 100% compatible with the Manufacturer Part and will even meet or exceed OEM requirements. The new vaio Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS Battery adopts Li-ion technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum battery performance. Furthermore, all vaio Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS batteries for Sony notebook have the built-in auto-rehabilitation function, which can fully charge and discharge the battery to correct the error message.
This high-capacity Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS Battery running time is 4-6 hours or longer(also this will depending on different operation system mode and different notebook computer model),and charging time will need 4-5 hours (also this will depending on different operation system mode and notebook computer model).

Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS battery Fit Notebook Models:

  • Toshiba Satellite P500 Series
  • Toshiba Qosmio X500 series
  • Toshiba Mini NB550D,
  • Toshiba Dynabook Mx/34 Series
  • DynaBook MX/34MBL,
  • DynaBook MX/34MRD,
  • DynaBook MX/34MWH,
  • Toshiba Dynabook Mx/36 Series
  • DynaBook MX/36MBL,
  • DynaBook MX/36MRD,
  • DynaBook MX/36MWH,
  • Toshiba Dynabook N300 Series
  • Dynabook N300/02AC,
  • Dynabook N300/02AD,
  • Dynabook N300/02AG,
  • Toshiba Dynabook N510 Series
  • Dynabook N510/04BB,
  • Dynabook N510/04BR,
  • Dynabook N510/04BW,
  • Toshiba Mini Nb500 Series
  • Mini NB500,
  • Mini NB500-00D,
  • Mini NB500-107,
  • Mini NB500-108,
  • Mini NB500-10F,
  • Mini NB500-10G,
  • Mini NB500-10H,
  • Mini NB500-10L,
  • Mini NB500-10M,
  • Mini NB500-10V,
  • Toshiba Mini Nb505 Series
  • Mini NB505,
  • Mini NB505-N500BL,
  • Mini NB505-N508BL,
  • Mini NB505-N508BN,
  • Mini NB505-N508GN,
  • Mini NB505-N508OR,
  • Mini NB505-N508TQ,
  • Toshiba Mini Nb525 Series
  • Mini NB525,
  • Mini NB525-00H,
  • Toshiba Nb550d Series
  • NB550D-109,
  • NB550D-10G,
  • NB550D/00D,
  • NB550D/00H,
  • NB550D/00J,
  • NB550D/00K,
  • Toshiba Satellite Series
  • Satellite T210-112,
  • Satellite T210D,
  • Toshiba Satellite T215d Series
  • Satellite T215D,
  • Satellite T215D-S1140,
  • Satellite T215D-S1140RD,
  • Satellite T215D-S1140WH,
  • Satellite T215D-S1150,
  • Satellite T215D-S1150RD,
  • Satellite T215D-S1150WH,
  • Satellite T215D-S1160,
  • Satellite T215D-S1160RD,
  • Satellite T215D-S1160WH,
  • Toshiba Satellite T230 Series
  • Satellite T230,
  • Satellite T230-01H,
  • Satellite T230-01X,
  • Satellite T230-01Y,
  • Satellite T230-10J,
  • Satellite T230-12Q,
  • Toshiba Satellite T235 Series
  • Satellite T235,
  • Satellite T235-S1350,
  • Satellite T235-S1350RD,
  • Satellite T235-S1350WH,
  • Satellite T235-S1352,
  • Satellite T235-S1370,
  • Satellite T235-S1370RD,
  • Satellite T235-S1370WH,
  • Toshiba Satellite T235d Series
  • Satellite T235D,
  • Satellite T235D-S1340,
  • Satellite T235D-S1340RD,
  • Satellite T235D-S1340WH,
  • Satellite T235D-S1345,
  • Satellite T235D-S1345RD,
  • Satellite T235D-S1345WH,
  • Satellite T235D-S1360,
  • Satellite T235D-S1360RD,
  • Satellite T235D-S1360WH,
  • Satellite T235D-S9310D.
  • Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS, PABAS231, PABAS232,
  • Satellite T210D T215D
  • Satellite T230 T235 T235D Series Battery

For consumers, the most concerned about are the quality, price and service. Our advantages are:

1.Our Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS battery use A-Grade Cells, such as Sanyo, Samsung, BAK, etc., with a variety of perfect production and testing equipments, strict quality control and mature process, all are self-completed from R & D to products leave the factory, 7 years manufacturing experience make more quality assurance.

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Can our Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS battery using time achieve the original time?

(1) Laptop battery (Li-ion) life is generally 300-500 complete charge and discharge times, the use of time is 1.5 to 2 years, as long as the use of A- Grade Cells, high-quality protection board, mature production technology and process, are able to achieve this normal time.

(2) Our Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS use the original A-Grade Cells, high-quality protect boards were produced by our own equipments, 7 years of experience in laptop battery production to ensure product stability, performance, safety use, our electronics each indicators in line with original quality, so the use time could meet original Toshiba PA3821U-1BRS battery.